Our offerings evolve directly out of that knowledge. This ensures you get the best solution every time. No trial and error. The end result? A solution that saves you time, effort, and money.

Expertise in boiler control starts with expertise in boilers. Our engineers have unparalleled knowledge of boiler and burner control and operation. Our control solutions keep boilers working at optimum efficiency with maximum safety —delivering top performance, lower energy costs, and reduced emission levels. From drum level and feedwater, to full-metered combustion and flame safeguard; from pre-configured packages to design-build systems, we have a solution to fit your needs.

We are proud to continue the legacy of Fischer & Porter—maintaining and evolving their history of excellence in water/wastewater treatment control with new, state-of-the-art products and application packages. Our engineers have years of experience devising solutions for the industry. For pre-engineered products or turnkey solutions, no one can meet your treatment needs better than MicroMod.

Our products have a strong and ongoing presence In this highly regulated and safety-conscious industry. Installed in nuclear power plants around the globe, MicroMod controls are ideal for upgrading old control systems to state-of-the-art technology as standalone controls, backup controls or connected to powerful HMI software for graphical operation and data collection.

Batch control, blending, and other specialty chemical processes involve exacting, complex procedures. Our understanding of this is reflected in both our control solutions and our industry reputation. The powerful program capabilities and integral operator interface make our controllers the economical alternative to PLCs in many installations. A variety of communications options allow the controllers to easily interconnect with existing control systems.

For food, dairy, and beverage companies, every production stoppage means a loss of revenue. To minimize the impact of power failures and to prevent downtime, our control systems include advanced features to keep you up and running—ensuring ongoing productivity. This reflects our deep commitment to continuing the Taylor Instruments legacy of performance and dependability. We meet the needs of both seasonal and continuous operations with our systems’ outstanding ease of operation and maintenance.


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