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The site survey service can cover both critical power requirements for UPS and rack PDUs as well as access and control requirements for KVM switches and serial console servers. Both approaches are different as we review the environment, connectivity, power load, runtime, and availability for critical power whilst for access and control we would review type of IT devices and connections, level of access required, location and security. This helps us to understand the challenges and allow us to propose the best fit solution. 


Our electrical installation service for critical power solutions ensures that your new UPS is installed in the most efficient environment. Our team of engineers can carry out the following electrical work:

– Switchgear
– External Maintenance Bypass Switch (EMBS)
– Transfer switches
– Distribution panels
– Commando sockets and output distribution


We understand the challenges around lack of resources and ensuring your recently invested solution is installed and working correctly all whilst you get on with your day to day tasks.  Our preconfiguration service allows us to take this pain away. We preconfigure the network settings of the KVM switches, serial console server or rack PDU appliances, upgrading the firmware to the latest release and install the rack mounting brackets before despatch. All that is left for you to do is unbox, rack mount and connect cables. This ensures minimum installation time and access to the solution from day one.


Our bespoke installation service can cover access and control appliances such as KVM switches and serial console servers, associated cables, as well as critical power appliances such as rack PDUs. The service includes installing the rack mounting kit and mounting the appliances in the cabinet rack and then connect the required power and network cables for operation.  We can also cover installation of the centralised management software should this be required. This includes setting up user accounts and adding any of the supported hardware appliances.

START-UP & Commissioning

epending on the type and vendors UPS installed, the UPS start-up and commissioning service would typically include checking the location and position of the equipment, inspection of the UPS and any loose connections, ensure cables are correctly rated and fitted and secure. It may also involve checking the battery installation, ensure input/output and DC voltages are within tolerance, testing the UPS in inverter / by-pass mode / battery mode, with a report detailing the installation work completed.

Post installation Health Check

For any access and control work undertaken, we ensure all KVM switches and serial console server appliances are communicating correctly, and able to provide access to IT devices connected to them. We ensure the appliances are configured for optimal performance. Where there is any centralised management software installed we can ensure correct user accounts are created for remote access, make sure the software is configured optimally for your environment and for the equipment it will be managing and ensure it is accessible.

Technology refresher

Technology is forever evolving and this is why we are best placed being a specialist partner for various vendors we work closely with to keep you updated on market trends, technology updates, and how other customers are addressing similar challenges. This is a free service. 


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