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Raman Power Technologies was born from the vision of industry veterans specialising in critical power and IT access & management solutions for data centres.

Throughout our combined experience helping customers solve every day IT challenges, we realised a need for a specialist value added partner that was able to support its customers.

There were three obvious disconnects that were becoming apparent that we noticed. First, it was impossible for vendors to provide a personal service to each and every customer. Secondly, the resellers either lacked interest or were lacking key product knowledge, and were only able to provide quotes and process customer orders. It meant customers were unaware of what new technologies were available and what the vendors solutions were able to address. There was also nobody to educate or advise if the items being ordered were correct, what other options were available and what else would be required. Third, there was no aftersales support available on how to maintain their invested solution after it had been purchased.

At Raman Power Technologies, we address these obvious disconnect as follows. We leverage our strategic relationship with each key vendors to bridge the gap. Our team have over 30 years’ experience working with customers and their data centre challenges. We are able to share our knowledge of why you need to address specific data centre challenges, recommend the best fit solution available to you, and discuss how we helped other customers address similar challenges. Due to our product knowledge and working closely with key vendors, we are able to provide installation and support services to help our customers utilises the solution to its maximum potential. We continue the service by keeping in touch with our customers advising of any technology changes and recommend technology refreshers where we are able to discuss market trends and future technologies.

We focus on bringing value and solve business challenges through the delivery of modern IT services and solutions

Regardless of what vertical market or industry you are, or how big or small your IT requirement is, at Raman Power Technologies we are able to connect with our customers with confidence and are able to share our knowledge of various solutions available to address their needs and requirements. Our ethos is “there is no challenge or solution that Raman Power Technologies consider as too big or too small”. What this means is Raman Power Technologies is big enough to have the expertise and knowledge to deliver solutions to our customers, and small enough to care and not overlook customer service and the little attention to details that makes customers want to work with us again.

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